A Traditional Handmade Inframe Kitchen Design in Glasgow

February 2024

A Traditional Handmade Inframe Kitchen Design in Glasgow

Handcrafted by Palazzo
February 2024
Thirteen years have passed since we first embarked on a culinary journey with our esteemed client with their first kitchen. Now, they return, drawn to the embrace of our traditional inframe handmade kitchen — a testament to enduring style.
In this renewed collaboration, dark finishes dominate, casting an elegant backdrop that resonates with the golden veins running through the 20mm Dekton Stone Laurent worktops. The kitchen, perched in an elevated position within an open plan space of the home, seamlessly connects with the living and dining spaces.
The lower level mirrors this commitment to cohesion, featuring a matching media unit that seamlessly extends the design language throughout the space.
Functionality meets sophistication with the inclusion of a Bora downdraft induction hob, sleek black Miele ovens, and a discreet Miele wine cabinet tucked away on the opposite side. Each element contributes to a harmonious dance between modern convenience and timeless aesthetics.
Open shelves become curated displays, showcasing cherished items and creating pockets of visual interest. A defining touch is the open display cabinet, its warm oak internals elegantly dividing the upper kitchen from the dining area.
Amidst the carefully crafted design, the clients tells us of their favourite seating area at the end of the island. From this vantage point, our client enjoys views of the television and a welcoming log burner in the dining area, blending culinary activities with moments of relaxation.
As our client steps into this second chapter, they rediscover the art of living and dining in a space where every detail contributes to the narrative of enduring sophistication. Welcome back to a haven of timeless design with modern allure.
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